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Can the Spanish school system still be fixed?

Can the Spanish school system still be fixed?
Tomás Faustino Márquez
2º Bachillerato B
Firstly, it is well known worldwide that Spanish education has a problem; we only have to take a look at the results that Spanish students get in international exams. Those results are not bad but terribly unsatisfactory.

On the one hand, the reasons for those results according to our politicians are the low preparation of the faculty, who have suffered the consequences of public spending cuts and also, who have been victims of all kinds of attacks from the government. Talking about students, the general idea that politicians have about them is that they are lazy and that meritocracy does not work in the educational system, that is why they have seen scholarships cut, student fees doubled, and a new education reform with the main purpose of making students think and believe what ultra conservative sectors of our population stand for.

On the other hand, the main problems that I see in Spanish education are the lack of public funds and a very strict school curriculum that bores and frustrates the student body. Meritocracy, in fact, is extended among teachers and students; the problem appears when the administration blocks it with enormous bureaucracy and perhaps, political intentions.

Finally, from my point of view, the government should invest more in education if they want to create a better society composed of citizens who think by themselves. Eliminating student fees at any level could be a good idea to achieve that. Also, relaxing the graduation requirements by reducing the number of compulsory subjects and increasing the course offer sounds as a good incentive so that students will be more motivated.

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  1. Me gustaría leer la traducción en español.... Os animo a poner la traducción.

  2. Congratulations, Tomás!!!!! It's really fantastic to read students´opinions. And so intelligent comments, too!

    ¡Enhorabuena, Tomás! Es estupendo leer las opiniones de nuestros alumnos! ¡Reflexiones tan inteligentes, además!


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